We provide dedicated servers in multiple locations all around the world. with over 50+ datacenters locations in the world, Ucartz is your one stop for dedicated server hosting solutions in the location of your choice.

Dedicated servers in 50+ locations worldwide

With over 50+ datacenter locations in the world, Ucartz is your one stop for dedicated server hosting solutions in the location of your choice.

Offer !! Our Self managed Dedicated Servers in USA starts from $62.00

Dedicated Servers in India

India FlagLow cost and powerfull self managed dedicated servers in India (Asia).Place your order online today and have your custom built server within 1 business days. With assured 99% uptime across our service with latest hardware platform.
$ 102.00 Starting Price

Dedicated Servers in China

China IconGet your website & APPs host in China. We have Chinese dedicated servers in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and overseas. Premium Intel-based dedicated servers starts at $160 with 8GB RAM and 320GB SATA hard drive.
$ 160.00Starting Price

Dedicated Servers in Russia

RussiaLow cost offshore selfmanaged dedicated server in Russia,Europe. Looking for solid Dedicated Servers for the support of your online services or applications? Give your business the advantages that come with bare metal servers in the Europe.
$ 118.00 Starting Price

Dedicated Servers in Netherlands

Netherland IconWe aim to provide the immeasurable and leading dedicated server Netherlands hosting services that can encourage business owners to accomplish their business goals. A group of people at Ucartz attempts to customize the services to fit the needs of Client.
$ 58.00 Starting Price

Dedicated Servers in Canada

Canada IconUcartz is committed to offer world-class services in Canada and thus, we can flawlessly manage, safeguard and organize your significant business data in an apt manner. Since our beginning, we have been offering top line services to an array of businesses.
$ 91.99 Starting Price

Dedicated Servers in UK

UK iconOur UK Dedicated Server contributions are based on next-generation platforms, Composed in Collaboration with Intel. Our servers are hosted with one goal: deliver the most secure, efficient and reliable dedicated server for all kind critical IT operations.
$ 72.00 Starting Price

Dedicated Servers in Dubai

Dubai IconWith our dedicated server hosting in Dubai, you are guaranteed to perceive unlimited bandwidth and disk space, memory and additional system resources that cannot be shared etc. One can reach our dedicated support anytime throughout 24 hours
$ 147.00 Starting Price

Dedicated Servers in Germany

Germany IconFriendly Offshore Germany Dedicated Servers. Our Enduring, heavy-duty-scale Servers can handle any workload and ensure flawless performance. We provide highly configured and affordable dedicated server which assures ultimate performance
$ 121.00 Starting Price

Dedicated Servers in Australia

Austrlia IconOur Australia dedicated servers can be easily customized as per your infrastructure requirements. Our dedicated servers include a guaranteed uptime, latest hardware platform, remote access to your server, Choose of OS. With these high-end
$ 193.00 Starting Price

Dedicated Servers in Poland

Polond IconDedicated servers in Poland are configured on an Intel-based environmental friendly platform. It includes the features like choice of operating system, latest hardware, 99% uptime, and full root access to the server. These servers are enabled with IPv4 with 64GB of RAM and a SoftRaid hard drive.
$ 88.00 Starting Price

Dedicated Servers in Singapore

Singapore IconMaximize the performance on handling heavy traffic workload through the re-engineering method to serve your customers at blazingly fast speed together with reliable uptime. Get rid of the hassle of managing and maintaining your server by choosing Ucartz.
$ 179.00 Starting Price

Dedicated Servers in South Korea

Korea IconOur Dedicated Server located in the north of South Korea, is a global leader in the industrial and technological sectors. Operate according to three fundamental strategy Performance, Speed and Security. We offer dedicated server service at favorable prices, enables choice of OS .
$ 107.00 Starting Price

Dedicated Servers in Turkey

Turkey IconUcartz is esteemed and recognized by one. So, if you aspire to be a part of Ucartz, you can feel free to approach us for our Turkey dedicated server. We endeavor to assist our clients by highly skilled & qualified technical team is available throughout 24 hours.
$ 191.70 Starting Price

Dedicated Servers in Japan

Japan IconDedicated servers at Japan offer a higher level of performance, and stability. Our 'bare-metal' server hardware is from the family of Intel Xeon processors. It delivers a highly versatile business platform for your mission-critical business.
$ 143.43 Starting Price

Dedicated Servers in USA

US iconWe provide an enterprise-grade USA-based dedicated server to boost the productivity of your business. Ucartz provides the best performance, uptime, and redundancy. Our network offers low latency routes. We provide fast deployment once ordered.
$ 62.00 Starting Price