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You'll discover distinct VPS services, such as Cloud VPS, KVM VPS, Storage VPS, High RAM VPS, Managed VPS, SSD VPS and much more. Our high-performance VPS Hosting is bound to meet your unique needs. It offers the full power of a dedicated server with near-physical server characteristics and the same management and configuration principles.

Blazingly Fast Linux VPS

Try right now whether you need to instantly provision a self-managed VPS or look forward for a High Storage VPS or else wish to customize your hosting environment.

New Our Unmanaged KVM VPS starts from $6.00

Cloud VPS

Cloud VPSExperience our high-performance Cloud VPS Platform, which offers the flexibility that a cloud hosting providers needs. It enables increased performance to meet surges in traffic. Our reliable Cloud VPS platform gives you the tools you need to get back to your business.
$ 10.00 /Month


KVM VPSWe offer a KVM virtualized, cost-effective alternative to dedicated servers. They function as a physical server but run on a flexible virtualization layer. Our Virtual Servers suit small to medium workloads. Build higher performing websites & applications with our VPS.
$ 6.00 /Month


SSD VPS We always focus on performance and redundancy. Our virtual private servers offer high-speed read/write performance, quicker provisioning times and faster random access for your websites, storage and software. Our SSD platform balances increased capacity without impacting performance.
$ 17.00 / Month

Managed cPanel VPS

Managed cPanel VPSOur qualified technicians will set up your vps with the cPanel/WHM control Panel. We will migrate your websites if required, set up everything as per your specifications as well as monitor and manages by us.
$ 38.00 /Month

Managed Webmin VPS

Managed Webmin VPSWebmin is the most popular web-based platform for managing your server, used by millions of users worldwide. Our Managed Webmin VPS come with full root access ,KVM and VNC Panels.
$ 10.00 /Month

Managed CWP VPS

Managed CWP VPS Ucartzmanaged centos webpanel VPS which ready to use for personal, business and corporates.Best cwp VPS hosting solution with great features to fulfill their business dreams at affordable cost.
$ 10.00 /Month

Kali Linux VPS

Kali Linux VPSKali Linux is a Debian based Linux distro for security auditing and digital forensics. This contains several hundred tools aimed for various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Forensics and Reverse Engineering.
$ 10.00 /Month