If you are using POA/HostingNG and see the following errors in logs:

[Thu Aug 14 14:11:37 2014] [error] mod_hostinglimits:Already inside LVE: LVE(121842) HANDLER(php-cgi-script) HOSTNAME(domain1.com) URL(/index.php) TID(8354) errno (1) Read more: http://e.cloudlinux.com/MHL-EPERM
[Thu Aug 14 14:11:37 2014] [error] mod_hostinglimits:Already inside LVE: LVE(123272) HANDLER(php-cgi-script) HOSTNAME(domain2.com) URL(/home.php) TID(8052) errno (1) Read more: http://e.cloudlinux.com/MHL-EPERM

The issue is in how Apache works on POA. To fix the issue on CloudLinux 6 we have to allow setting up LVE by other (not just LVE admin) users: Starting from kernel 2.6.32-673.8.1.lve1.4.3.1 :

$ echo "options kmodlve lve_user_setup=Y" > /etc/modprobe.d/lve.conf
$ echo "Y" > /sys/module/kmodlve/parameters/lve_user_setup

For kernels before 2.6.32-673.8.1.lve1.4.3.1:

$ echo "options lve lve_user_setup=Y" > /etc/modprobe.d/lve.conf
$ echo "Y" > /sys/module/lve/parameters/lve_user_setup

Unfortunately, lve_setup_enter used for POA (HostingNG) in mod_hostinglimits can not work correctly under CloudLinux 5, it always return EPERM. So it works only on CL6 or Hybrid kernel. Hybrid kernel install link: http://docs.cloudlinux.com/index.html?hybrid_kernel.html


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