SSL configuration

$20.00 USD
Get the SSL configured for your AzuraCast server in 30min.

DNS Mapping

$20.00 USD
Let us complete the DNS Mapping of your AzuraCast Server.

Restoring offline service

$80.00 USD
Need help restoring your Offline AzuraCast service? Hire our admins to get your AzuraCast server restored.

Disk space cleanup

$160.00 USD
Get your AzuraCast Server Disk space cleaned up.

Repairing Corrupted DB

$220.00 USD
Let the ucartz team help you get your AzuraCast's Corrupted DB repaired.


$30.00 USD
Basic changes and setup, Analyzing the server, troubleshooting, etc.

AzuraCast Customizing

$58.00 USD
You can hire our admins for customising ports, installing custom SSL, and modifying azuracast URLs.

Migrating AzuraCast

$170.00 USD
Hire our admins for migrating Azuracast and error fixing etc.

Migrating AzuraCast (Large data)

$500.00 USD
Need to migrate or transfer AzuraCast (v0.17.4 and below) with large data? Hire our expert admins for a seamless upgrade to the latest version!

AzuraCast Emergency service

$199.00 USD
Emergency fix services are available! If your service is down and you need immediate assistance from an L3 level admin, we're here to help. For issues that are complex and take more than 3 hours, additional hours will need to be purchased.