SMTP auth support can be added in wordpress through third-party plugins. You can follow these steps to add SMTP authentication to
your wordpress install

1) Download the zip from "".

2) Now, unzip the file and get the file named "wp_mail_smtp.php".

3) Copy the file to the folder - Plugins "\wordpress\wp-content\plugins".

4) Login to wordpress as "admin" and click on plugins you will see WP-Mail-SMTP

5) Click on Options->E-mail to Modify the SMTP settings

6) modify the following fields

* Specify - from the name and email address created under your domain
* Choose to send mail by SMTP 
* Specify an SMTP host (mail.domainname).
* Choose to use SMTP authentication or not (yes).
* Specify an SMTP username and password. (specify one valid email ID/pass)
Once you finish. Click on update options.

7) Test the mail function from there using " send Test".

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