SMTP auth support can be added in WordPress by third-party plugins.

Do the following steps to add SMTP authentication to your WordPress install.

1) Download

2) Unzip the file to get the file named wp_mail_smtp.php

3) Copy the file to the plugins folder (\wordpress\wp-content\plugins)

4) log in to WordPress as admin and click on plugins. You can see WP-Mail-SMTP and activate it.

5) Click on 'options'-> Email to Modify the SMTP settings and change the resulting settings.

  >Specify the 'from name' and 'email address' created under your domain.
  >Choose to send mail by SMTP
  >Name an SMTP host (mail.domainname).
  >Choose to use SMTP authentication or not.
  >Enter an SMTP username and password. Once you finish. Press on "update" options.

7) Test the mail function from where handling " send Test"

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