Many forms of social media have become integrated into our everyday lives. If you’re like most of us, you keep up with your family and friends using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social apps.


While much of the online conversation is certainly taking place on those social media sites, comments left by visitors to your blog or website remain one of the richest and most potent forms of user engagement available anywhere.


The more fully you engage your audience, the more they will respond and remain interested. And the more they respond, the more likely it becomes that a few of those comments will possibly slip through the cracks and go unanswered.


Here are a couple of ways to find unanswered comments in WordPress to make sure that doesn’t happen.


Finding Unanswered Comments in WordPress

By default, WordPress sends an email to the admin user whenever a comment is made on a post. But if you have disabled those messages or aren’t receiving them for some other reason, you should make a habit of logging in regularly to find comments in the WordPress admin panel.


WordPress does a pretty good job of alerting you to unanswered comments. But there may be unanswered comments that don’t appear in the list of the latest comments displayed on your dashboard.


Unanswered comments are highlighted on the comments page. Simply mouseover each comment to approve it or reply to it. 


Find Comments in WordPress That Are Waiting for a Response

Rather than hunting through the list of all comments, you can easily see a list of only those comments that are awaiting your response.


From the dashboard, scroll down to the bottom of the list of the latest comments and click the “Pending” link. That will bring you to the comments page with only unanswered comments displayed. Mouseover each comment to approve or reply to it.


If you want to approve multiple comments without replying, click the checkbox to select the comments, select “Approve” from the Bulk Actions drop-down and click the “Apply” button.


That’s all you need to do to address the problem of unanswered comments in WordPress! To learn more, read our tutorial, How to Manage Comments in WordPress. It’s full of great information and tips.


Do you find that engagement with your readers through comments on your website is more substantial than engagement on other forms of social media? Where else do you cultivate conversations with your readers?

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