AutoSSL is a great feature which issues the SSL automatically to the users who add new domains to their account. WHM Server admin has to enable the AutoSSL feature for the particular User. Initially, AutoSSL feature was released with support provided for only cPanel (powered by Comodo) based SSL certificates. Today we will add support for Let’s Encrypt SSL.


  • cPanel/WHM version 58.0.17, or higher installed on the server.
  • Root account Access to cPanel/WHM Server
  • WHM Login Credentials


  1. Login to root account of WHM Server.
  2. Run the following command to add Let’s Encrypt Support to your server
  3. This will add specific RPM files needed for Let’s Encrypt to the Server and throw the following message if everything is successful.
    Installed the cpanel-letsencrypt RPM! AutoSSL can now use Let’s Encrypt.
  4. Login to your WHM Server in Web Browser with port 2087
  5. Goto SSL/TLS Section and search for Manage AutoSSL and Select it.
  6. There you can see Let’s Encrypt Option along with cPanel (powered by Comodo)


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