Changing the PHP Version from cPanel


1. Login to your cPanel account.


2. Search for MultiPHP Manager and open it.


3. It will show you similar UI like the image below. It will also list all the domains hosted on the particular cPanel Account.


4. Select the domain for which you want to change PHP Version using the checkbox in left.


5. Select the PHP Version from the dropdown menu and tap on the Apply Button.


Checking PHP Version for your website


1. Create a file with any name in your home directory of the domain. We will use phpinfo.php for our file.


Our file path will be /home/username/public_html/phpinfo.php


2. Add the following line of code in the file and save it.

<? phpinfo(); ?>


3. Now we will open to test the current PHP Version. It should show the PHP Info webpage with all the PHP variables and settings.


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