yum, command is an interactive, open source, rpm based, the package manager for a CentOS/RHEL and clones. It can automatically perform the following operations for you:

  1. Core system file updates
  2. Package updates
  3. Install a new packages
  4. Delete of old packages
  5. Perform queries on the installed and/or available packages

yum where is package installed

The syntax is as follows to install htop package for a demo purpose:

# yum install htop

To list the files installed by a yum package called htop, run the following rpm command:

# rpm -q {packageNameHere}
# rpm -ql htop

How to see the files installed by a yum package using the repoquery command

First, install yum-utils package using yum command:

# yum install yum-utils


How do I list the contents of an installed package using YUM?

Now run "repoquery" command as follows:

# repoquery --list htop


# repoquery -l htop 


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