Auto DJ is a choice convenient to you on your control panel. Auto DJ permits you to upload media to, then stream it automatically from, our server. 

Initiating Auto DJ from the Control Panel

To establish up and use Auto DJ, first log in to your control panel. Under "MANAGEMENT" to the left, click on "Configure Server". Then click on the "AutoDJ" tab that appears to the right. Set "AutoDJ status" to "Permitted and enabled" if not previously set to that. If your stream is working, and you want to modify the setting, stop the stream. (Press " Stop Server " under "SERVER MANAGEMENT".) Then, press update. Begin the stream later you have uploaded music and have at least 1 active general playlist. (Press Start Server under "SERVER MANAGEMENT".) 

How to Upload Media Content to the Server from Your Computer?

Let's see how to upload a media content. For this, you will need a ftp. If you don't have a ftp, we recommend to download it for free from "". When FileZilla is downloaded. Opened and fill the fields at the top. Click " Quick Links" from your control panel. Provide IP address in "Host". Fill in your username and password. Use the port 21.
Next, click "Quickconnect" in FileZilla. When connected, you are ready to upload from your computer to our server.
On the left side of FileZilla, your computer files are listed. On the right, our server and your auto DJ files are listed. On the right, click on the yellow folder under "Remote site" if needed to cause the "media" file to appear. Click on the media files on your computer and drag them into the media file under "Remote site". The files will be copied and uploaded from your computer to our server.

Updating Media Library and Organizing PlayList

After the files are uploaded, go into your control panel. Under "MANAGEMENT" to the left, click on Media Library. Click on Update media library at the bottom left of the page. Click the return button. Then click on Media Library again.

Now load music from your Media Library into your playlist by clicking and dragging items into the desired rotation play folder(s). One song must be in a General Rotation Playlist (Light, Standard and/or Heavy Rotation Playlist files) to start the radio stream. (Click Start Server to start the radio stream.)

You can build your playlist by using existing Playlist files. You can generate new custom Playlist files, set the order in which songs play within Playlist files, and set the time intervals that various songs/folders play.

You will get manageable instructions for handling your media library and organizing your playlist in the Users Guide at View User's Guide PDF on pages 21-31. Additional auto DJ instructions on pages 8-9.

Interrupting Auto DJ to Switch to Live Broadcast

For Icecast, you can leave your auto DJ running 24/7 and do a live provision connecting to the /live mount. The auto DJ will run in the environment and pluck up during the live source drops. There will be no dead air.
For Shoutcast, to go to a live stream simply click " Deactivate Source" on the left of the control panel beneath "SERVER CONTROL". This will deactivate Auto DJ. Begin streaming live. When you are finished streaming live, only click " Activate Source" at the equivalent location on the control panel to apply Auto DJ back on.

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