Cpnginx is a complete cpanel nginx integration software. It is full of features , 100% customizable and a template based nginx webserver management software. It is a paid version of Nginx.




You need to make sure your server have the following software requirements before installing cpnginx . This version of cpnginx only support easyapache 4. We no longer support easyapache 3 which is a depreciated functionality of cpanel software. You need to consider upgrading easy apache to version 4 or higher.


Software Requirements:

  • Operating System:  Centos 6,7 or its clones
  • Cpanel 11.58 or higher.
  • Easyapache version 4 or higher.




You should download the cpnginx software and extract it in your server. After that run the following command.

# chmod 755 install.py &&  ./install.py install


  The auto installer will install and setup cpnginx automatically in your server. After finishing the installer you can login to the whm and go to cpnginx link under Plugins. From there you can manage your websites and its configurations.




After that run the following command.

# chmod 755 install.py &&  ./install.py remove


  This will remove cpnginx automatically from your server.




You can upgrade cpnginx by running the following command.

# /etc/cpnginx/updatecpnginx.py


If you are looking for an alternative please install engintron. Below is the link:

Engintron installation and configuration


If you need any help from support, then you can hire us.


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