MyBB, formerly MyBBoard and originally MyBulletinBoard, is a free and open source forum software developed by the MyBB Group. It is written in PHP, supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite as database systems and, in addition, has database failover support. It is available in multiple languages.

Let’s see how to install MyBB in Softaculous.

1) Scroll down until you find it on the menu.

2) Click MyBB.

3) Click Install.

  • The default settings here should work for most purposes.
  • If you have multiple domains on one account, you can select where to install.
  • The next two boxes let you set the directory and database name which will be created upon installation.
  • You can set the Site Name, Board Name and Board Email here. These can be changed later from the admin panel of the software.
  • Enter the admin username, password, and email.

4) Click Install.

After a moment, the software will be installed.

5) To view your new site, click this link.

Here is our new forum, ready to be used.

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