First of all, Login to Cpanel. Locate, Site Management Tools and click on MySQL Databases.

You will see each database with the options to Delete, check or Repair.
If a database does not have its own users yet they will appear without the 
'users in' topic.

Scroll down to "Existing MySQL Users" at the bottom you can add a user.
The username you enter will be prefixed with cpanelusername_

So if you create a username for a database called 'mydatabase' it will be named automatically cpanelusername_mydatabase

After creating a username you can ADD the user to your database;
Scroll a bit back to; Grant permissions on a MySQL database to a MySQL user

At the field User: select the user created; in the field MySQL Database you select the database you want this user to be part of.

Next is choosing privileges for this user. If you just need a user to handle the whole database you should just select the 'ALL' privileges. Only if you know what you are doing you could select any of the others. Click Grant permissions to activate the user on the selected database.

The Database permissions have been set up now, now you can let the program know which userid and password it should use to access your database. As this is different with any application these instructions can't be described.

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