If you would like to roll-back to Shoutcast DNAS v2.5.5, run the following commands via SSH console:

cd /tmp
wget http://download.nullsoft.com/shoutcast/tools/legacy/sc_serv2_linux_x64_10_10_17.tar.gz
tar -xzvf sc_serv2_linux_x64_10_10_17.tar.gz
mv /usr/local/centovacast/shoutcast2/sc_serv /usr/local/centovacast/shoutcast2/sc_serv_26
mv sc_serv /usr/local/centovacast/shoutcast2/


Afterwards, you will need to restart your Shoutcast based stations to apply the changes, this will replace your current version of Shoutcast 2 binaries, with the latest legacy version (v2.5.5 at the time of writing this). 


If "Shoutcast DNAS v2.5.5" is not downloading , you can download Shoutcast from ucartz  .


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