AutoDJ Restarts or Buffering can be caused by:

- 'Kicking' AutoDJ from the SHOUTcast/Icecast Admin page. CentovaCast will think AutoDJ has crashed so will restart AutoDJ (and possibly the stream as well).
- Poorly encoded, corrupt or partially uploaded MP3 files. AutoDJ isn't as fault tolerant as a media player.
- Trying to load MP3s that have been removed or renamed.
- SHOUTcast only: Another encoder or something else trying to connect to the stream repeatedly. Such as stats scripts and software like radio tool box.
- Icecast Only: When using AutoDJ, live sources must use the exact same bitrate, samplerate and number of channels as AutoDJ.

If you are frequently receiving server restarted messages please take the following steps:

- Disable any statistic scripts/software temporarily to see if it resolves the problem.
- Ensure no other encoders or anything else is trying to connect to the stream as a source.
- If the above steps don't work you should change your source AND admin passwords.
- Check the file size of your uploaded tracks in FTP and remove any files that seem smaller than expected. Generally anything under 3MB will be corrupt, unless the file is a jingle/advert type file.
- Ensure DJs are not 'kicking' the AutoDJ off the stream as this will cause the server to restart AutoDJ due to thinking it has crashed. AutoDJ should be stopped in CentovaCast or using this script to allow DJs to start/stop AutoDJ without accessing CentovaCast: /autodjcontrol.tar.gz
- Ensure there is at least one standard rotation playlist that covers 24 hours of the day with at least two tracks added.
- Run a full media library update to ensure AutoDJ isn't trying to play a file that doesn't exist (which will crash the stream).

If after taking the above steps you continue to receive frequent server restarted emails please submit a ticket for further assistance. You'd have to send us the log files at the time of this happening (access, error and autodj log) which you get from 'logs' in CentovaCast.
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