1. Login to domain registrar account.

Note – We will use GoDaddy for Domain management.

2. Tap on your Name on the top bar for the dropdown banner.


3. Select Domain from the list and Press ‘Gear’ icon to go to Manage DNS.


4. Under Records, section scroll down to find ‘Add’ button.


5. Create 3 ‘A Records’ under this using the following information and save.


6. Move to Advanced Features and select Hostnames.


7. Add two new record with the following information and save.


8. Login to your Server using SSH and follow this guide to install cPanel + WHM on your VPS or Dedicated Server.

Note – Use our above custom created nameservers while following the installation tutorial.


9. After successful installation and completing setup wizard for WHM, you are ready to create user accounts for cPanel and start adding your new domains using our custom nameservers.



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