It’s one of the common error thrown by dpkg package manager:

Step 1: First thing a package manager does is configure package database, which contains installed packages information. If a package installation is interrupted, then this database may have become corrupt. So let’s reconfigure the package database.

Re-configure Package Database

Execute the below command to repair and reconfigure the package database:

# sudo dpkg --configure -a

Step 2: Some of the packages may be cached, because of which the installation may be interrupted.

Install forcefully

Execute the below command to install a package forcefully:

# sudo apt-get install -f <package-name>

Step 3: Remove unwanted packages installed previously which might be affecting the package installation.

Auto-remove unwanted packages

Execute the below command to remove unwanted packages installed previously. This is a safe command which will clean cache for unused packages.

# sudo apt-get autoremove

That’s it.


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