cPanel will sometimes show the error "IP address has changed!" while you are trying to connect.

Some ISPs [Internet Service Providers] have short DHCP lifetimes, or your IP may change if you are using another computer to access cPanel. This can cause the behavior described, and these types of connections do not work well with cPanel. You can try several things to try to fix the issue:

  • Accessing your cPanel at will sometimes fix the issue.

1. Navigate in WHM to Main >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings >> Security tab

2. Look at the section called "Cookie IP Validation" and if you click the? symbol you can read more:

"Validate the IP addresses used in all cookie-based logins. This will limit the ability of attackers who capture cPanel session cookies to use them in an exploit of the cPanel or WebHost Manager interfaces. For this setting to have maximum effectiveness, proxy domains should also be disabled."

3. Change this setting to "loose" and it should cause the reauthentication frequency to diminish or go away. To disable it go to WHM > Tweak Settings > Cookie IP validation and set it to "disabled"

4. Please also see cPanel documentation on disabling proxydomains.

  • Otherwise, you might have to utilize a proxy with an unchanging IP address to maintain your connection.
  • Try clearing your browser's cache.
  • If you're still getting those error messages, you will need to find another connection to use for logging into cPanel.
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