As you may know, if mail service is unauthenticated you can face the following issues:

- emails you send are delivered to Spam/Junk folders
- emails you send bounce with "SPF record failure" error
- your Inbox gets numerous "Failed delivery" bounce backs of the emails you never sent

In the first case, recipient mail server looks up SPF record for your domain, and if it is not added / does not match actual outgoing server IP address, such a mail delivery will fail. Such checking mechanism is implemented in order to make sure email comes from a legitimate sender and verified sender.

Second situation takes place when there is no SPF/DKIM configured for your domain or they are configured incorrectly, which lets unauthorized party to forge emails using mailbox. Such cases are called mail spoofing.

Email Authentication is an effective set of anti-spoofing and anti-spamming tools available in cPanel. 

It consists of two major components – SPF and DKIM records setup.

Click on Enable and the records will be added to the DNS zone of *all* hosted domains automatically
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