Follow these instructions to add a domain in ZPanel.


1) Login to ZPanel as your user

2) Click the globe icon for Domains in the Domain Management

3) Add your domain in the Create a new domain section as shown below


Create a new Home Directory should be selected

4) Click the blue Create button

5) Head back to the main home page by clicking Home in the corner

6) Find the Domain Management section again, but this time, click the gridded globe icon for DNS Manager

7)Use the drop-down menu of domains to find your newly added domain. And click Edit.

8) A message should appear telling you that no DNS records were found and that you need to create them. Press on "Create Records button" to proceed.

9) Click the NS Tab

10) If you’re using nameservers that we have provided to you, or nameservers that are already registered, enter them in here.

11) Now head back to the domains page and you can check the status of your new domain to make sure it’s live (If it doesn’t say live, just try refreshing it)

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