Display the current FreeBSD hostname


$ grep hostname /etc/rc.conf


$ hostname

How to change the FreeBSD server hostname without a system restart?

Type the following commands on FreeBSD server:

$ sudo hostname new-server-name-here

Next edit the /etc/rc.conf file and update hostname variable:

$ sudo vi /etc/rc.conf



Save and close the file. Finally, edit the /etc/hosts file and update the lines that reads your old-host-name:

$ sudo vi /etc/hosts

From: old-host-name

To: new-server-name-here

Save and close the file.

Hostname command options

Include domain information in the printed name. This is the default behavior:

$ hostname -f

Trim off any domain information from the printed name:

$ hostname -s

Only print domain information:

$ hostname -d


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