Patch Meltdown vulnerability on OpenBSD

The Meltdown vulnerability backported to the OpenBSD version 6.1 and 6.2 (amd64) releases, and the syspatch update for version 6.2 is now available. First, login to your OpenBSD box using the ssh.

Find current kernel version 

Type the following uname command:

$ uname -r

Apply patch

OpenBSD uses a command called syspatch. It is a utility to fetch, verify, install and revert OpenBSD binary patches. It must run as root user. When run without any options, the syspatch command should install all missing patches including meltdown. Type the following syspatch command:

# syspatch

You can verify installed patches with the following command:

# syspatch -l

Reboot the box

Type the following reboot command:

# reboot

Verify it:

# dmesg | grep -i meltdown

You may want to upgrade packages too using the pkg_add command:

# pkg_add -Uuv

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