iocage is a jail or container manager tool for FreeBSD. It is also available on FreeNAS based NAS system. It comes with some of best features and technologies the FreeBSD operating system has to offer. 


Step 1 – Login to FreeNAS server


Use the ssh command:


ssh user@freenas-box-name
ssh vyga@nas04


Become a root user using sudo command:


$ sudo -i


Find our your FreeNAS server IP address and interface name, enter:


# ifconfig


Please note down your real network interface. You must activate i.e. set a zpool active for iocage usage. My zpool name is rootadminz (use zpool list to get a list of zpool), so I run:


# iocage activate rootadminz


Step 2 – Fetch a version of FreeBSD for jail usage


Type the following command (this need to be done once only):

# iocage fetch


Step 3 – Create FreeNAS Jails with iocage command


Create a jail named backup with IP address for jail interface named igb1:

# iocage create -n backupjail ip4_addr="igb1|" -r 11.1-RELEASE


List the jails


To list newly created jail run:

# iocage list


Start the jail named backup


# iocage start {jailNameHere}
# iocage start backupjail


How to automatically start jail when FreeNAS reboots


# iocage set boot=on backupjail


How to login to my jails


The syntax is:

# iocage console {yourJailNameHere}
# iocage console backupjail


Once logged in install the pkg command on backupjail:

# pkg


Step 4 – Useful jail management commands


Let us see some useful iocage commands.


Show resource usage of all jails


# iocage df


Run a command inside a specified jail


# iocage exec {jailNameHere} {FreeBSDCOmmandHERE}
# iocage exec backupjail ifconfig


How to stop the specified jails or ALL


# iocage stop ALL
# iocage stop backupjail


Restart the specified jails or ALL


# iocage restart ALL
# iocage restart backupjail


Destroy/delete/remove specified jail(s)


This will destroy all data, so be careful:

# iocage destroy backupjail


Run freebsd-update to update a specified jail to the latest patch level


# iocage update backupjail


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