The syntax is:
vish list
vish list --all
virsh list [options]

virsh list command options

--inactive	                list inactive domains
--all	                        list inactive & active domains
--transient	                list transient domains
--persistent	                list persistent domains
--with-snapshot	                list domains with existing snapshot
--without-snapshot	        list domains without a snapshot
--state-running	                list domains in running state
--state-paused	                list domains in paused state
--state-shutoff	                list domains in shutoff state
--state-other	                list domains in other states
--autostart	                list domains with autostart enabled
--no-autostart	                list domains with autostart disabled
--with-managed-save	        list domains with managed save state
--without-managed-save	        list domains without managed save
--uuid	                        list uuid’s only
--name	                        list domain names only
--table	                        list table (default)
--managed-save	                mark inactive domains with managed save state
--title	                        show domain title

Done !!

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