Step 1: Log into your Plesk control panel.

Step 2: Click on the icon "Domains".

Step 3: Pick your domain from the Domains section.

Step 4: Under the "Services" section, click on the "Web Directories" icon.

Step 5: Now at top, click on the "MIME Types" tab.

Step 6: Click on the "Add New MIME Type" button.

Step 7: In the field to the right "Extension", enter in the first extension name: 


Then, to the right of the "Content", using the available drop down menu, select the following option:


After these two values have been set, click the "OK" button to finalize the changes. This process will need to be repeated for the following values: 

Extension       Content
.XAP             application/x-silverlight-app 
.XBAP            application/x-ms-xbap 
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