Should you get yourself in the condition where you want to have assistance for a particular module in PHP such as Curl or GD, you can obtain this change in WHM. This is achieved by recompiling Apache and PHP with the current alternatives. Please understand the steps mentioned below and conclude the process.

1)Log into WHM and locate the Software tab.

2)Now, press on “Apache Update”.

3) Upon choosing the option, you will be offered with a new page to begin the configuration modifications to Apache and PHP.

4) First, you need to create a new profile or load an existing one. Generally, the safest option is to pick “Previously Saved Config”. This will automatically decide specifically what you have currently configured on your server.

5) Here, select the version of Apache that you prefer to run. If you don't want to change then, click on “Next Step” else if you want a new version, then choose the version and then click “Next Step”.

6) Next, you have to select the base version of PHP. The current version of PHP will already be selected. If you want to change then, select the new version and then continue by clicking “Next Step”.

7)This next page will present you with the subversions of PHP for the base version you have selected. Select the specific version you wish to use and then, click on “Next Step”

8) Now, select the modules to be compiled into Apache and PHP. If you do not see any modules, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Exhaustive Options List”. All the modules will be listed.

9)Select the specific module. Please be careful to read the descriptions and the warnings associated with the modules to ensure it won't create any conflicts. Once you have chosen the desired modules, click “Save and Build”.

10) The profile will be saved and a confirmation box will appear to start the build process. Select “Yes” to begin.

11) A new page appears, where you can see the build process is running. On complete it will notify you.

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