When you add accounts to your WHM, you should set up your own name servers. This will allow domains to work instantly after you add a new account.

The very first thing that you must do is decide what the name of your nameservers will be. Let’s say that my hosting company is called “Fast Server Hosting” so I’d like to setup ns1.fastserverhosting.com and ns2.fastserverhosting.com.

* Login to WHM on your server by going to https://yourserver:2086 in your browser.

* The very first option in the left-hand bar should be “Basic cPanel/WHM Setup” which is where you set your name servers. Select the ALL tab

Here you can set the name of your primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary name servers. 

Then go to the registrar where you registered your parent domain and add host records or name servers.

You should point NS1.fastserverhosting.com to one of the IPs on your server. Then point NS2.fastserverhosting.com to either the same IP or another IP on your server.

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