To create MySQL user you should have root access. First of all, you have to log in to MySQL server through a command line.

# mysql -u root -p ******

Here, -u option is for username and -p option is for the password.

Now, you will be at MySQL prompt and it looks like this :

# mysql>

Now, to create a MySQL user on the server you have to run this command :

# CREATE USER 'new-mysql-user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

To List MySQL users including host :

# SELECT User,Host FROM mysql.user;

We have to grant permissions to the created USER. So let's,

To grant permissions to a MySQL user:


# GRANT permission ON database.table TO 'mysqluser'@'localhost';

To grant create permissions for all databases and all tables to a user, run this command :

# GRANT CREATE ON *.* TO 'mysqluser'@'localhost';

To grant all permissions to a user, run this command :

# GRANT ALL ON example_database.* TO 'mysqluser'@'localhost';

To finish all permission changes, run this command :


To view permissions of a MySQL user, run this command :

# SHOW GRANTS FOR 'mysqluser'@'localhost';
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