What is MySQL Error 1064?
This is exactly syntax error and appears because of few specific reasons.  When we give a wrong command, MYSQL will not understand. The command will be in an invalid format to the SQL.

Reason for "MYSQL Error Code 1064"

It is complex to find out the MYSQL Error messages. When it is closely analyzed, you may find this difficult to understand. Understanding the ways to interpret MYSQL Error code will help one to fix the problem as occurred previously.

What is Command Mistyping?

While you give a wrong command, a 1064 error may arise. Refer the manual of SQL version, if you are confused with using the right syntax. If you want to clear out the error, modify the syntax. Lot of IDE and tools like SQL have inbuilt SQL Syntax which makes you be cautious of syntax error prior to execution of a query. There are some Syntax checking elements to debug the queries.

What is Missing Data?

If the database has no particular data and if that particular information will be processed with the help of SQL, MYSQL Engine will return 1064 error code. There are some places at which people won’t use the default data.

What are Reserved Words?

They are built-in words which may vary from MYSQL version to version.

Misspelt Command:

The 1064 error may occur due to misspelt command. Before running the command, you should check in order to make sure whether the spell of the command is correct. If you do not know the syntax usage, you can read the manual.

An error caused by Obsolete Commands:

One best example of a deprecated command is the “Type” command. A list of commands and keywords has deprecated, which means that they have to be removed. It is always better to read the manual, before using the command.

Transfer a word press MYSQL Database towards the next server:

When you perform a backup, don’t forget to pick-up the compatibility mode available under the tab in advance. The server wants to know that, you do not require the word, so that, it is essential to encapsulate the words. There are some rules to be followed by one if one wants to use the reserved words. There is another way to tell, whether the word is required or not. Try to make use of “None”.

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