VDOPanel lets you add one or multiple broadcasters as required for video streaming. Please follow the following steps for adding a Broadcaster:On the Left Panel, click on the section Broadcasters. Here you can see the following sub-sections:
  • Broadcasters
  • Add New Broadcaster
  • Manage Ports
Now click on "Add New Broadcaster". You can see the following options while adding a new broadcaster.
Username:  Mention the username for the broadcaster account. It must be in alphanumeric format.
Email: Specify the Email address of the broadcaster.
Channel Name: Give the broadcaster's channel name.
Language:  VDOPanel provides the language option for the broadcaster's account: English, Arabic, Czech, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Persian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Chinese, etc.
Password: Set a password for the broadcaster's account. It should be in an alphanumeric format and contain at least 12 characters.
Confirm Password: Enter the same password once again to confirm.
Viewers Limit: This allows you to specify your channel's maximum number of viewers. For example, if you specify 500, a maximum of 500 viewers can view the channel. To mention unlimited viewers to a broadcaster, specify "0".
Maximum Bitrate:  You can select the maximum bitrate for the broadcaster's channel from the provided Bitrate dropdown.
Single or Multiple and Adaptive Bitrate option: With this option, you can have either a Single or Multiple Bitrate.
Broadcaster Type: This lets you select the streaming for the selected broadcaster. The following streaming types are available for the broadcaster:
  • Hybrid (Live Streaming + Web TV)
  • Live Streaming
  • Web TV
TV Station Storage: This lets you specify the maximum allowed data storage for the channel of the selected broadcaster. The storage limit can be specified in megabytes. To set unlimited data storage to a broadcaster's channel, enter "0".
Traffic per Month: This lets you specify the maximum traffic allowed to a broadcaster per month. It is defined in megabytes(MB). Enter "0" to set unlimited traffic.
Broadcaster Owner: It allows you to define the owner of the selected broadcaster. By default, the admin is the owner of a broadcaster. To change the broadcaster's owner, click the dropdown and select the owner.
Allow Youtube Streaming: You can decide whether Youtube streaming should be allowed to the selected broadcaster. To allow Youtube streaming, select 'yes'.
Allow Facebook Streaming:  This lets you decide whether Facebook streaming should be allowed to the selected broadcaster. To enable Facebook streaming, select 'yes".
Allow Twitch Streaming: Let you decide whether Twitch streaming should be allowed to the selected broadcaster. To enable Twitch streaming, select 'yes".
Allow Dailymotion Streaming: You can decide whether Dailymotion streaming should be allowed to the selected broadcaster. To allow Dailymotion streaming, select 'yes'.
Allow Custom Streaming:
Let you decide whether to allow broadcasting the custom rtmp or m3u8 streaming URL via VDO Panel or not. To enable custom streaming, select 'yes'.
Allow Branding Watermark Logo on Stream: This lets you decide whether a branding watermark logo should be displayed on the channel of the selected broadcaster. Select' yes' to allow.
Allow VDOPanel Directory Option: This lets you decide whether the broadcaster can list the channels at directory.vdopanel.com. This feature helps broadcasters to get more viewers on their channels.
Once you have specified all the above parameters, click Create. With this, the broadcaster account creates based on the specified parameters. Once an account is created, you can view it in the Broadcasters list.

That's it!! Enjoy your video Streaming.
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