How to install and set up free SSL in centovacast easily?


Note:  You must be using Centova Cast v3.2.6 or greater to use with Centova Cast.


Centova Cast fully supports SSL certificates from, and can automatically generate and renew such certificates once configured to do so.


If no other web server is running on the same server as Centova Cast, you can configure Centova Cast to listen on ports 80 and 443, enable SSL, configure your server for, and enable the SSL/TLS stream proxy all in a single step by running:




Replace with the fully-qualified domain name that you want to use with Centova Cast, and replace with the email address that you want to use to register with


In most cases, this is all you need to do; your server will now be available over SSL/TLS (https://) and your certificate will be renewed automatically by Centova Cast as needed.


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