openSUSE is a project that serves to promote the use of free and open-source software. openSUSE is well known for its Linux distributions, mainly Tumbleweed, a tested rolling release, and Leap, a distribution with long-term support.


We can easily search for packages matching any given search text/words under OpenSUSE or SUSE Enterprise Linux using the zypper command.


Listing all installed packages on OpenSUSE/SUSE Linux command

The procedure is as follows:

1. Open the terminal application.

2. For remote server, use the ssh client:

ssh ec2-user@suse-nixcraft-box

3. Then type zypper command to show only installed packages:

zypper search -i

4. Find if nginx package installed or not:

zypper search -i nginx


Please note that zypper search -i can be more readable as follows:

zypper search --installed-only
# search for php7 packages #
zypper search --installed-only php7


Displaying package list one page at a time

Use the more command or less command as follows:

zypper search -i | more
zypper search --installed-only | less


I hope you learned how to show a list of all installed packages on OpenSUSE or SUSE Enterprise Linux system using the zypper command. Getting help is easy using the man command:

man zypper
zypper help search


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