Error Logs comes as very useful to find out and fix the problems on your WordPress website. Users can get the reason behind the downtime on the website. In order to examine the problems, the user has to know the location of log files. Below, we are listing Log File Locations in DirectAdmin.

1) Default log files in DirectAdmin:

Default log files include secure login logs, audit logs, etc.






2) ProFTP Access Logs, ProFTP Auth Logs, PureFTPd Logs :



>/var/log/messages (generic errors)

3) Apache log files :

Through apache log files, the user can figure out the problems with the apache server, syntax errors, etc in DirectAdmin. They are:







>/var/log/messages (generic errors)

4) PureFTPd log file:


5) SMTP transfer logs :

It includes:





6) Dovecot and vm-pop3d logs :



7) Mysql server logs :


If MySQL slow query log is permitted in your my.cnf. Then the log file location will be as below:


8) Cron job logs :


9) Named or Bind Logs are involved in the generic log location :




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