Centova Cast is an Internet radio stream hosting control panel. It provides the tools you need to automate and manage your Internet radio hosting service. 

Centova offers powerful features for both stream hosting providers and individual broadcasters. The latest CentovaCast v3.2.14 comes with a Free SSL option and HTTPS Players.


  • CentOS 5, 6, or 7 (or equivalent RHEL release)
  • Centova Licence Key
  • Active hostname


This article covers the complete centova software installation (shoutcast2, Liquidsoap, shoutcast1, Icecast, Icescc, sctrans2) with SSL. Installation of SSL required a hostname pointed to the server IP. The installation process will auto-install free SSL and enable it to the server. To get a qualified hostname, you need to contact your domain provider( if you purchased domains from ucartz.com, submit a ticket ) and create an A name entry against hostname "yourdomain.com" with the server IP. Thus, you have configured your hostname "yourdomain.com".

Available Streaming servers:

  • SHOUTcast DNAS v2.x
  • SHOUTcast DNAS v1.9.8
  • IceCast v2.x

I assume you already have a CentOS installed server. Let's now begin the installation:


Step 1: Log in to your server via SSH.


Step 2: Next, copy and paste the following script one by one and make it executable:

wget -O install.sh install.centova.com/LICENSEKEY (Replace LICENSE-KEY with your actual Centova Cast v3.2.14 license key received either directly or from Ucartz)

chmod a+x ./install.sh

./install.sh --shoutcast2 --liquidsoap --shoutcast1 --icecast --icescc --sctrans2 --secure=yourhostname.com --email=info@yourhostname.com

Once the CentovaCast installation is completed, you will get the following:


Accessing the Web Interface 

Completing installation, please launch the web interface at:
Thank you for using Centova Cast.

With the successful Centova installation, now you can move to the database installation.

To install and configure MariaDB within your Centova server, you can follow the below-mentioned link:


As you have completed the database installation, you can configure the same via opening the https:/yourhostname.com in a browser of your choice and provide the necessary details.

You can also Hire our experts to get your Centova Streaming Server ready to use. Our admins can install and configure your server in no time. Our installation services start at $30 one-time.


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