CentOS Web Panel (CWP) is a free web hosting control panel that offers easy management of multiple servers (both Dedicated and VPS) without accessing the server through SSH for every small task that you need to complete. It is a feature-rich control panel with a high number of options and features for quick server management.

CentOS Web Panel Features

– Apache Web Server (Mod Security + Automatic updated rules optional)

– PHP 5.6 (suPHP, SuExec + PHP version switcher)

– MySQL/MariaDB + phpMyAdmin
– Postfix + Dovecot + roundcube webmail (Antivirus, Spamassassin optional)

– CSF Firewall

– File System Lock (no more website hacking, all your files are locked from changes)

– Backups (optional)

– AutoFixer for server configuration


We will show you how to install CentOS Web Panel on CentOS 8. CentOS Web Panel is a free alternative to cPanel and provides plenty of features.

Let's now check the steps to install CentOS Web Panel on a CentOS 8 server.


1. First, login into your server as root, and let's start by updating your system.

sudo dnf update


2. Now, let's set up Hostname and make sure to set the correct Hostname:

hostnamectl set-hostname cwp.ucartzcwp.com


3. After setting Hostname, now download script installation Centos Web panel using the following command:

cd /usr/local/src
wget http://centos-webpanel.com/cwp-el8-latest
sh cwp-el8-latest


4. The installation script consumes some time to finish, and once it's done, you will be provided with an URL to access the panel and your MySQL root password.

Account Details
IP Address:
Web Panel Login: 
Domain: ucartzcwp.com
Username: ucartzcw
Password: c3eyMSx0NwB4
Admin Email: ucartzcwp@gmail.com

Panel URL: 



Once the installation is complete, please reboot your system. For the same, simply type “reboot”:



Accessing the CentOS Web Panel


CentOS Web Panel will be available on HTTPS port 2031 by default. Open your favourite browser and navigate to https://your-domain.com:2031 or https://server-ip-address:2030. Login to the panel using the system’s root account. You got the password in the previous step. If you are using a firewall, please open port 2030 to enable access to the control panel.

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