Ucartz premium Dedicated Servers offer the highest quality in performance, download speed, and complete reliability – plus full root access, so you get unparalleled control. 


With our dedicated servers, we enable you complete freedom to choose an Operating System. If you don't require a dedicated server with pre-install OS, you can go for a Dedicated server with Custom ISO installation.


Ucartz offers DDoS Protected Dedicated Server with a choice to install your Custom ISO file onto the server. 


How to install a custom ISO file on Dedicated Server with IPMI(Supermicro)?


To install your selected customised ISO file, please follow the below-mentioned steps:


1.) First, you have to access your Dedicated Server Control Panel via the corresponding IPMI REMOTE REBOOT/KVM.

(The IPMI login details will be sent to you as the Dedicated is set up.)

2.) Once logged into the Control Panel, choose the Dedicated Server you'd like to install with your Custom ISO by clicking the Summary Folder ICON on the right.

3.) Once the Dedicated Summary Page has displayed, move to the bottom KVM Console area and press the Launch Console button. It will download a JAVA Application to your computer. Run the application on your computer, and this will load the KVM Console for the server.

4.) In the Java KVM Console -> Choose Virtual Media -> CD ROM & ISO tab -> Select the ISO File in the Logical Drive Type option and click Open Image. Select the ISO from your local computer and press OPEN, then click on the PLUGIN button. The console will output a result success message.

The CDROM is loaded with your ISO. 

5.) In the JAVA KVM Console -> Select Power Control -> Reset/Reboot. The server will now reboot; during the reboot, keep pressing the F11 key on your keyboard until you see a BLUE SCREEN. 


Use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate to IPMI Virtual CDROM and press Enter. The server will now load your ISO installation.

Please DO NOT stop or interrupt the KVM Console during the ISO installation, as this will detach the ISO from the CDROM and ruin your installation. 


Don't have a BareMetal? Place an order for an Unmanaged dedicated server from Ucartz and enjoy the features - Unlimited DDoS Protection, a Custom ISO installation or OS pre-installed servers.


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