Rocky Linux is one of the Linux distributions, and it is also based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux but not entirely.

Since 2004, CentOS was a secure and reliable enterprise-ready distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). In 2020, Red Hat declared a change in its distro, and they named it CentOS Stream. It will exist as an upstream vendor. Gregory Kurtzer, the founder of centOS, began a new project and called it Rocky Linux, which also obtain the original goals of CentOS.

It is downstream built as it was in CentOS earlier and, it means that it will only release when the upstream vendor adds it.
Rocky Linux will never be controlled, purchased, or otherwise influenced by a single entity or organization- The Motto.

Rocky Linux came from Rocky McGaugh, who was Co-Founder and Gregory Kurtzer for the CentOS project.

As per Rocky Linux Project Founder Gregory Kurtzer, The current ETA for the initial release is March 31 under the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation. Now it available, and you can download it.

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