When Centova Cast not updating disk space or bandwidth or statistics, you have to follow the below steps.

Firstly, please see that the statistics, disk space, and bandwidth totals are updated by Centova, only once every 12 hours by default. If you did not wait at least 12 hours, please do so before trying to additional diagnose this issue.

After waiting at least 12 hours and still, the statistics are not updating, it implies that your Centova Cast cron job is not working promptly.

Then please do the following steps in order;

1) Is your Centova Cast cron job running correctly?

2) In some cases, your log processing job ending with an error. This can lead to the prevention of remaining accounts from being processed. Then you have to run the following command:

/usr/local/centovacast/bin/ccmanage processlogs all --debug

Still, you could not resolve the issue, please open a ticket in the Billing department. So our admins can fix the issue.


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