You may have come across a below notification mail from cPanel stating that tmp directory is full.

Drive Critical: /usr/tmpDSK (/tmp) is 100% full

The reason is that the /tmp directory got filled up with temporary files. The file /usr/tmpDSK is created on running the cPanel script - /scripts/securetmp. /scripts/securetmp is used to secure /tmp partition. On running script - /scripts/securetmp, it will let the /tmp partition to temporary file for extra security.


1] Edit /scripts/securetmp for the below line:

my $tmpdsksize = 512000; Must be larger than 250000

Increase it to the desired size to be setup.

2] Stop Apache, MySQL and cPanel services using the following command to avoid them from writing files to tmp directory.

service httpd stop
service mysqld stop
service cpanel stop

3] Unmount /tmp and /var/tmp partitions and remove the file /usr/tmpDSK. Upon completion of umount, run the cPanel script - /scripts/securetmp again. Below are the commands:

unmount -l /tmp
unmount -l /var/tmp
rm -fv /usr/tmpDSK

This will create /tmp partition with the desired set size. Then it will mount to the file /usr/tmpDSK.

4] Start the services again using the following command:

service httpd start
service mysqld start
service cpanel start
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