Want to change the default page of your cPanel and customise that accordingly. Well, we will let you know how to change and customize cPanel default pages. Please follow the steps mentioned below and make your page attractive.



We assume that you already own root access for WHM & terminal as well as need a HTML Pages designs to replace the current page.

Change Default Website, Account Move, Connection Selection, and Account Suspended Templates.

1. Log in as root to your WHM.
2. Now in the search bar, search for Web Template Editor.
3. From the Account Function section, choose Web Template Editor.
4. Here, you will find 4 tabs. It enables you to upload your HTML page or to add the HTML source code.
5. Images used in these templates must be placed in /usr/local/cpanel/img-sys/ and linked via /img-sys/ if you have access to this directory.
6. After updating the press Save Button.

Add Default Index HTML Page on new account creation

1. Login to root user of the server or use the Terminal option from WHM.
2. Copy HTML and Images to `/root/cpanel-new/public_html` for cPanel accounts whose owner will be root.
3. If you have any reseller with the username instahostz and want their accounts to have custom HTML page then paste the index.html file in `/home/instahostz/cpanel-new/public_html`
4. Any new accounts created on the server will get your custom HTML page in its public_html directory automatically.


That's all. Need help, feel free to contact us. Our admins are always here to help you!!

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