We will guide you if you are new to Directadmin. It is really easy to edit/add /delete DNS records within DirectAdmin. Then you are are in the right place where we will guide to add DNS records in DirectAdmin hosting.


With Directadmin, it is very easy to update the DNS records and is not a time-consuming process.



1. Log in to your DirectAdmin panel.
2. From the top drop-down menu, select the domain for which you want to change DNS records.
3. Now, in the search bar, type and search for DNS Management.
4. The current records for the domain will be shown in DNS management.
5. With add records button, you can create A/CNAME/MX/TXT, etc records for the domain. Please note, existing records can also be altered as per of the requirement.
6. To modify current MX records, please use the option to Modify MX Records. It will show current MX records along with add new records options.


If you are using/adding MX records for 3rd Party Mail servers like GSuite, ZOHO, Office 365 then please untick Use this server to handle my e-mails. If not, change the MX records and uncheck this option.


That's all, we have done. It is really simple and easy to update or alter DNS records within the Direct Admin panel.


Let us know if you found any issues or else need assistance in adding DNS records in DirectAdmin Panel or any difficult with any another control Panel.

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