Cloudflare is a leading provider of reverse proxying and CDN services for the web. Enabling Cloudflare indicating the protection of your radio server. 


SSL mode isn't recommended, as this requires that you maintain an up-to-date SSL certificate on AzuraCast, which is possible, but not recommended.


Once you've enabled Cloudflare for your radio station's, you just need to enable one feature inside AzuraCast to enable listeners to connect.


Enabling the Web Proxy for Radio Broadcasts


There is a limitation with CloudFlare, they don't forward incoming connections to your server which doesn't come from the traditional web ports (that is, 80 and 443). 


AzuraCast serves each radio station on its own distinct port, by default in a range from 8000 to 9000. This means your listeners wouldn't normally be able to connect.


The solution is within the AzuraCast's system administration. Go to the "System Settings" page, where you can find a checkbox labeled "Use Web Proxy for Radio". Enable this checkbox and all of the station playback URLs across the system will be updated to automatically use the web port proxy links, which are fully accessible even when CloudFlare protection is enabled.


Important Notes:


  • Bandwidth Savings

If you use the AzuraCast public pages or its "Now Playing" API, CloudFlare caches both very well and offers significant reductions in the bandwidth needed to serve those pages.


  • Incoming DJ Connections

Cloudflare will block the incoming connections that your streamers/DJs use to broadcast to your station. 

We recommend connecting to your server using its IP address rather than its CloudFlare-protected domain name. 


  • AzuraRelay Instances

If you use AzuraRelay instances, you should use the IP address of the installation as the base URL for the relay. Rather than the public-facing CloudFlare-protected address. Otherwise, no changes are needed.


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