AzuraCast has a highly granular Access Control List (ACL) system which allows you to control the permissions of users of each group.


The access control list works as:

  • One or more Users can be in a Role.
  • Each Role has one or more Permissions, which gives everyone in that Role that level of access. 


Special Permissions

There are special permissions that will grant access to each user:


1. All Permissions: 

  • Enables global permission which creates a super-user with access to all of the AzuraCast installation. 
  • Enables station-specific permission, creating a super-user allowing full access to a specific station only.


2. Manage Stations:

  • Enables global permission and allows the user to administer any stations that exist in the AzuraCast installation.



To manage any roles and permissions, the users must be in a role that has the "Administer Permissions" permission globally.

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