Here are the reasons why you get MySQL Error 1064:

  • It occurs because of mistyping the command spelling.
  • Because of wrong reserved words typed varies from one version to another version in MySQL.
  • It occurs due to the use of outdated or deprecated commands.
  • It appears when specific data required by the query wents missing.




Error 1: Mistyped Commands

The main reason why the 1064 error occurs is when you type incorrect spelling of a command or typos.

Eg: UDPATE table emp set id = 0;


The spelling for the UPDATE command is mistyped.



You must recheck the spelling errors, mistyped commands and typos before executing them.


Error 2: Reserved Words

Reserved words vary from one MySQL version to another as every version has its own list of reserved keywords.

The error 1064 pops up when you are not utilising the correct

keyword suggested for serving the exact function, or the MySQL version does not satisfy the right requirements for employing the specific keyword.


For example, Create Table alter (name, id);



Alter in MySQL query is used when you want to change the name of your table or any table field. It is also used to add or delete an existing column in a table. The alter word works with backticks (`), mentioned above the Tab button on your keyboard.


Proper Usage: Create Table `alter` (name, id);


Fix 3: Missing Data

Sometimes, the essential data go misplaced from the database, which is required to execute a query. Therefore, this leads to a 1064 error when the data is missing in the database.


For example: Select * from students where studentID = $id


Suppose if the $id is not rightly filled, the above query for the server is

like this:


Select * from students where studentID =


The server pops up error 1064 because the query parser got confused.



  • You can enter the misplaced data using the application interface, which is usually done through phpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench.
  • Or use MySQL database recovery tools available online to fix your issue.




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