ClassicPress is a community-led open-source lightweight CMS and a fork of WordPress. It has strong security, minimal bloat, and hence has excellent speed capabilities. Installing ClassicPress with LiteSpeed Caching Plugin can be achieved in a few simple steps as displayed below with its perquisites:



  • cPanel with LiteSpeed Web Server
  • Softaculous Auto Apps Installer in cPanel
  • LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager Plugin enabled for cPanel




1. First of all, login to your cPanel account.

2. Go to the section, add-on/sub-domain and add your domain, If not added. Let us as an example here.

3. Next, search for Softaculous in the search bar and once found, click on it.

4. Now you will be redirected to the Softaculous Homepage. Here, search for "ClassicPress" in the left sidebar and then click on it.

5. Softaculous will display the Default page with a couple of information about ClassicPress. If you are a first time user of ClassicPress, then you can read about it here.

6. Press the "Install Now" button, which will show a new page asking for the necessary details required to complete the installation.

7. Provide all the required details in the fields and click on the Install button at the bottom of the page.

8. Upon successful installation, it will pop up with another similar screen on your system.

9. With this, you can now log into your ClassicPress Dashboard (Admin Panel).

10. With your fresh installation, you will find no pre-installed plugins, and so the Installed Plugins section will be empty.

11. Now we will proceed with installing LiteSpeed Caching Plugin from cPanel Homepage.

12. From LiteSpeed Cache Management section, click on LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager and under to it you will find WordPress Cache. Do not worry about seeing WordPress in the Manager. It will work correctly with ClassicPress websites as well. Click on WordPress Cache Option.

13. You will require to scan your account for all ClassicPress Installations so that we can install LiteSpeed Caching Plugin for the Website. Do not worry, if it is showing scan to discover WordPress Websites as it will scan both WordPress and ClassicPress Websites. The scan might take some time, depending upon the total number of websites.

14. After scan finishes, you can find your ClassicPress Website that we installed in past steps under Discovered Installations. Click Enable button under Actions Tab for, and Manager will take few seconds and install LiteSpeed Cache Plugin. After successful installation, it will show a message saying ‘LSCWP Enabled.’

15. LiteSpeed Cache Enabled Website will show Cache Status as Enabled.

16. Now you can check ClassicPress Dashboard > Installed Plugins Section. Here you will find LiteSpeed Cache named installed and activated.

17. To further check if LiteSpeed Cache is working on your Website, you can check its headers and find X-LiteSpeed-Cache hit, which will confirm LiteSpeed Cache Plugin is working correctly.


With this, we finish the installing ClassicPress with LiteSpeed Caching Plugin on cPanel based LiteSpeed Web Server.


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