Make sure that you have made use of both parts of the code snippets presented by Centova Cast for making this work.

  • Login to Centova account
  • Choose Code Snippets in the sidebar on the left
  • In the first section, you will see the "Stream Status Summary" with two text boxes below. You need to follow the directions to copy the code from both boxes into the appropriate places on your website.


Since the second part is commonly overlooked, be sure that you have inserted the javascript into your website as well.


The first part of the instructions (the HTML span tag) allows you to specify where you want to insert song title information on your website. The second bit of code (the Javascript) is what does the real work by retrieving your song title information and actually placing it on your website.




With Centova 3, all files are behind a non-standard port of 2199. If your internet provider blocks connections to servers on port 2199, then you won't be able to see this info. There is nothing we can do about this; please ask your internet provider to unblock the port.

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