NOTE: Most flash players will not play a stream without stuttering if you have an intro file. If you require your flash player to smoothly play the stream, then you must remove the intro file or switch to using the flash media player provided within our Client Centre which gracefully works around this problem.


To ensure that it's just the flash player that is stuttering, tune in to your stream using the VLC media player. Once you've installed VLC,  go to File > Open Network and put in http://[IP]:[PORT] where you've replaced the [IP] and [PORT] fields with your streaming port and IP.  If VLC plays the audio smoothly, while the stream is playing, go to the Window menu, then Media Information. Select the middle tab called "Codec Details" and check that the current stream matches the following specs:

  • Bitrate: 128kbps or lower
  • Sample Rate: 44100hz
  • Channels: Stereo


If you are broadcasting at a different sample rate or higher bitrate you will need to re-encode your files to support the sample rate shown above for any flash player to accurately playback your audio without stuttering.


If you are unsure how to do this, you can try out one of these free utilities to re-encode your files. Note that we haven't tested any of these apps.


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