There are a few things you need to be sure of in order to make a connection to the server using your source software of choice. Be sure to log in to Centova to complete these steps. So first log in to Centova cast.


Ensure you're connecting using the correct information within CentovaCast

  • In the menu on the left, select "Quick Links" under General.
  • Scroll down to "Live Source Connections".
  • Make sure you're connecting using the information shown here.


Source Password or DJ Password


If you're connecting to a Shoutcast v1 stream, then you only have the one source password to connect. Go to Settings under Configuration in the menu on the left, then under "Source Password" enter a new password just to be sure it's being updated.


Once you've applied the new password, it will not take effect until you stop and start the stream. Under "Server" on the left, press Stop. Then when the page has reloaded, press Start to start it again.


If you're connecting via a DJ password (and not the master source password), be sure to check the quick links page as it will show you the correct format for the username: password to enter in your source software so you can successfully connect. It will also show you an alternate port to use for this connection only.


Stop AutoDJ (Shoutcast v1)


If you're using Shoutcast v1, you must log in to Centova and stop the AutoDJ before proceeding with your live stream, otherwise, AutoDJ will block your connection to the server. Once logged in to Centova, press the small button with the square in it to the right of where you see "AutoDJ" in the main menu.

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