This can often happen if one or both of the following is true:


1. The ID3 tag of the music file is not set up with the correct artist/song/ album info, or

2. The filename does not indicate the song name


Please be sure your music is correctly tagged and named before uploading to the server. 


Editing ID3 tags / meta data


You can edit ID3 tags within most media players. For example, in iTunes, you can right-click and choose "Get Info" on the song to edit its properties such as album, artist, song title, etc.


You can also use third-party applications to do this. Here are a few free ones you can try:

Kid3 Tag Editor

MP3 Diags


MP3 Diags will also scan your media for imperfections which can help diagnose other streaming issues as well! 


Once you've repaired your ID3 tags and the file names are correct, go ahead and re-upload your media and the problem should be resolved.

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